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"Vocalia" Choir was born in 2008 following the wave of a profound and irrepressible need for expression of an amateur group of choir singers.
Even though "Vocalia" does have a brief history, the group of singers it features has very "ancient" roots. It is actually more correct to date the creation of the choir back to 1991: the Polyphonic Choir "Homo Musicus", still performing in 2006, was dismantled in 2007. And "Vocalia" today still remain faithful to the initial aim of the old project: "homo musicus", man performing music and musicality as man's natural endowment.

The group was established in Naples through the initiative and under the direction of Fulvio Chiatto, psychiatrist, music-therapist and amateur musician, and it has availed itself, over the years, of the artistic and musical direction of Maestro Patrizia Donadio with a repertoire ranging from the most ancient polyphony to the steep territories of modern music, presenting their experiences and skill in numerous concerts held in churches and historical buidings in the city of Naples and in the Campania region and receiving many rewarding acknowledgements.

Today "Vocalia", inspired by such experiences and passion and enriched with new and fruitful contributions (mainly the collaboration with Maestro Luigi Grima), faces the challenge of combining the gaiety of performing music for pure pleasure with the rigour musical texts demand.

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Associazione Culturale "Homo Musicus"
Coro Vocalia

Presidente: Fulvio Chiatto
via A. Falcone, 76 - 80127 – Napoli
tel.: 081 578 13 08 – 338 344 82 37