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Luigi Grima, Neapolitan, carried out his musical studies at San Pietro A Maiella Conservatory and received his Diploma in Violin with Maestro Rocchi and later acquired the academic title in Chamber Music.
Led towards conducting by Maestro Patti, Grima attended orchestra conducting lessons by Maestro Vizioli and Maestro Longo and specialised at the Accademia Chigiana with Maestro Gelmetti.
After deeply breathing in the passion for choir singing through his father Joseph, Grima embarked on studying singing and was led to choir direction by Maestro Acciai.

He has conducted some important orchestras, among which the Rome Philarmonic Orchestra, the "Scarlatti" New Orchestra, the orchestra at "San Pietro a Maiella" Conservatory and the Discantus Ensemble. In 20 years of activity he has collaborated with many Italian orchestras, but he has had a particularly tight link to the "Scarlatti" New Orchestra since its foundation, often in foremost roles, with concerts both in Italy and abroad.
He has performed in numerous events for chamber music groups, from duos to quintets, presenting a musical repertoire from the XVIII century to contemporary music.
Maestro Grima has also recorded with AVM Classic, Nuova Era and Antes Milano.

He combines his concert activity with his teaching activity as an expert in Orff-Schulwerk Methodology, acquired with Prof. Piazza, as well as choir teaching with the Goitre Methodology.
He gained a specialisation in the teaching of Music and Show Business at the "Federico II" University in Naples and has a chair in Violin at several music schools.
He conducts the "Joseph Grima" University Choir, the Vocalia Ensemble and is the musical director of the Discantus Ensemble.


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